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A synonym for the interwebs, especially when used to seek very specific information for the purpose of settling an argument, wager, or simply to satisfy the randomly curious mind.

The Oracle is rarely consulted within the confines of a sketch pad, such as a crack house.
person a: 'When did George W. Bush get busted for cocaine possession?'

person b: 'I don't know - let's ask The Oracle!'
by hecktor dangus September 08, 2008
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60+ year old woman in swanley, Kent, England that spends most of her day swivelling on a £200 sofa in her living room drilling a hole with her arse everytime... She is the ALL knowing ALL seeing ORacle... just keep her away from the phone book at all costs! she will call anyone!
she's the oracle, she knows all! she knows your parents! BEWARE THE IRENE!
by Anonymous-one-miwion May 25, 2007
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