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A private place of residence that has a steady flow of shady visitors due to the nature of business within said dwelling, i.e. the exchange of cash for black market goods and/or services, such as illegal drugs, weapons, prostitution, or some combination thereof.
Yo man, let's roll over to Sampson's place to score an ounce of weed.

Fuck that sketch pad, broham! Last time I bought herb from that dude, he opened up to me like I was Barbra Walters...told me he was impotent and, one of his bitches was buggin' out on PCP and bit my goddang nuts. Let's just scrape some resin outta my bong instead.
by hecktor dangus, esq. February 16, 2008
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One who is sketchy; An area where many sketchy people gather or are gathered in.
Man, that kid SketchyJesse is such a sketchpad.

I wouldn't go into that washroom if I were you dood, it's a real fucked ass sketchpad!
by Codpiece July 28, 2003
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sketchpad is a word meaning wierd or cracked out for drugs and they scratch there neck and look like buckets
sketchpad- yo i was doing crack all night last nite and now im fiending for more today
friend- yo your cracked you sketchpad
by zack moncur June 15, 2008
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A sketchy person, someone that doesn't know what they're all about, someone who changes there minds alot. Many ideas, scribbles, but no concise big picture.
Dave "I hear Billy wants to be a cop when he grows up."
John " Are you kidding, last week he wanted to be a bank teller, the guy is a sketch pad."
by John Sixer June 21, 2007
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From the word "Sket" meaning in an art lesson, someone who tries getting with someone else, instead of learning. Often failing.

Lucy: Do you want to sleep with me... i dont charge
John: No thankyou, your a sketch pad!!
Lucy: i suppose i should get on with my art work then.
by Emilylovesshizzle November 08, 2006
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