A sexual act that takes place, where a male with a black glove fingers an underaged girl during her period. When the bloody glove is used as evidence in court, the defendant pleads innocent and pretends the glove doesn't fit him.
Aw shit, so that girl WASN'T 18? I might have to pull the OJ Simpson on my court date.
by Chuck D and Swan October 31, 2009
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A man who gets a aquitted by a jury that "doesn`t believe" in DNA.
Person 1: "Yo man DNA said OJ Simpson did it."
Person 2: "Pfft. What's DNA? Fucking racist, that's what."
by CJDUB January 31, 2008
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It is when you are drinking a glass of orange juice with a loved one and out of no where murder her and leave a glove at the scene of the crime
by the Roflsaur October 13, 2005
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Adam Sandler: OJ Simpson, not a Jew.
Adam Sandler: OJ Simpson, still not a Jew.
by HappyFunBallUser July 5, 2009
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The combination of gin and orange juice. That is to say, a killer orange juice.
A: I made you a drink, homie.
B: (sips) Yo, this orange juice right here is killer!
A: That's that OJ Simpson, mayne!

A: We're gettin our swerve on tonight. Shout outs to OJ Simpson (raises beverage with aforementioned mixed drink).
by juan funkee salopian January 18, 2012
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