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See guilty.
He did it.
by Dawg November 28, 2003

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To be totally out of it; inside your own world; in a complete daze.
Why you trippin on me dawg?
by DAWG April 01, 2005

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A great webcomic creator and flash artist. Made the comic Hyperboy and some flash works include: Hyperboy The Movie, also, Geometry and You.
Gene Goldstein is friggin awesome.
by Dawg January 07, 2005

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What rear racers refer to a 'Honda' as.
'That spoiler will look great on your HonDUH.'

'HonDUHs are Mad TyT3 yO!'

'Do you stock APC stickers for my HonDUH?'

'Woah, look... he has a HonDUH too!'

'Now that I have my fart can on, I can break into the 17's with my HonDUH!'
by Dawg December 05, 2003

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One make and model of a spectacular sports car made by Diamond Star Motors (see also DSM) that daily hands Mustangs and Hondas their asses.
'If you had bought a Talon TSi AWD instead of your Mustang, you might know how to spell.'
by Dawg December 05, 2003

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The guardian angel of all things sinful.
you so bad, julien
by Dawg June 18, 2004

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When some information does not successfully go through while using the internet. Most noticable when using a messenger service of some kind (msn, aim)
I didn't get all of whathe was saying because of the webfart.
by dawg March 14, 2005

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