The best person you will ever meet. She has a lot going on inside her head, but will do her best to hide it. She covers up her feelings with jokes and laughter. If you are friends with her you should consider yourself lucky
Navi is an amazing girl. I wish she'd tell me how she felt though.
by qshdugfli June 23, 2013
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Navi is a gorgeous and lovable girl. She is a hilarious and down to earth type of person who is always up for a chat. She does though hold grudges against people who do bad to her!! She’s an amazing girl who at times could come off as sarcastic or sassy but deep down is the most caring heart a person could ever have. Navi’s personality is mostly hyper, energetic, happy and wild but when she has to would be calm and thoughtful. A spectacular friend she would be and who help u with any fears, doubts or insecurities u may face!!!! Navi is also what people call a blessing from above showing people the good in any situation and tried to find happiness where ever it might be no matter how small or big!!!
Navi is a born model and the best person you could be friends with!!
by Larry is my friend September 30, 2018
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Navi is a child sent down to earth by God. He's the most trustful person and will never let you down. He will do all he can to help you out even without you knowing it. He's super athletic and has a sensitive side. Girls will break his heart but then later regret it.
I need help someone please
Navi " I got you what do you need"
by Iloveyouatmybest July 10, 2018
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nice, but annoying fairy from Zelda: Ocarina of Time... will her nagging ever cease?
... never feed Navi Triple Espresso...
by Jackie November 11, 2003
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A bitch little fairy who only has the two words Hey and Listen in her vocab.
by blala June 21, 2004
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A fictional race of sentient humanoid life. Their species lives on Pandora, a moon orbiting the Gas giant Polythemis. Their species are very similar to humans, excluding the fact that they have blue skin, tails, and are about three meters tall. They appear in James Camerons Avatar as a peaceful people that live in harmony with their unspoiled world. Their species is threatened by humans who wage war against them over their mineral rich land.
In Avatar the Navi refuse to let the humans destroy their planet.
by Lord Scrambles November 23, 2009
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a hot and sexy girl who dresses to impress. Her charm and sweet attitude impresses all. Not everyone could be Navi if he/she wanted to. Navi is one who cares for everyone. Navi is honest, friendly, loyal, loving, and one you could count on.
Two guys
guy 1: Hey whose that?

guy 2: It must be Navi.
by meaning12 February 9, 2012
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