A sexual position where someone is licking a girl's ass and fingering her vagina simultaneously. Also, the mechanic can also be when someone is licking a girl's vagina and fingering her ass simultaneously. It is called "the mechanic" because you are "checking the oil" and "checking under the hood" at the same time.
Damn bro my girl got really mad at me last night. Looks like tonight I'm gonna hafta give her the mechanic to get outta the dog house.
by Lehmdawg June 12, 2019
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the mechanic is a sexual position where the guy slides under the girl like a mechanic under a car. she is on all fours and the guy is underneath. the guy bends his knees and puts his feet squarely on the bed. then pushed off his feet in order to thrust
Yeah bro she was going wild when i gave her the mechanic last night
by The Iron Chef 103 May 20, 2009
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A sexual position that should be performed at an early or late time in sexually relations. It is where the male takes his limp, tiny, non-erect penis, turns it upside-down, and attempts to fuck the female as if she was a dog. It is called "The Mechanic" because the penis, facing upwards, resembles a mechanic going under a car.
Guy #1 "Yo man, is that your new bitch?"

Guy # 2 "Yeah no doubt, she's the best. Last week we were hittin skins and she let me do the cleveland steamer, dirty sanchez, hot carl, rusty trombone, donkey punch, blumpkin, angry dragon, angry pirate, tony danza, hot lunch, strawberry shortcake, houdini, boston pancake, cincinatti bowtie, alligator fuckhouse, and the birmingham booty call. All that shit is okay, but after all that she even let me do the mechanic."

Guy #1 "That's fucking impossible. There's no way you did the mechanic."

Guy #2 "Pay up pussy"
by TrevmoTehGreat June 23, 2009
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Someone who loves giving rim jobs to people; it's their favorite sexual act to perform. You know, because mechanics are well known for fixing up your car rims when you get into fender benders.
Garrett: "Dude, did you hear about what Tyler was doing to all those people at the party last night!"
Kyle: "No. Was he drunk fuckin' them?"
Garrett: "No, his dick was in his pants the whole time! He was just giving out rim jobs!!"
Kyle: "Holy Hell, now we get to call Tyler The Mechanic."
by MoshPitMaster November 2, 2014
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The first person that you want as a friend, the last person that you want as an enemy.
Joe: My Trans Am's pretty sweet but I really don't know diddly squat about cars. I need to befriend a good mechanic so I can keep her running sweet.

Jon: I punched a dude at the bar last Friday. Little did I know that he would be the mechanic that would be doing my brake job last Monday. Now I'm laid up in the hospital with a fractured skull and my car's somewhere between a crusher and a foundry.
by Yeret March 13, 2017
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Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data from those of questionable knowledge.
It's a good thing Tim hired a mechanic, cuz he doesn't know what the fuck he is doing.
by American-Kiwi17 February 7, 2017
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Working on or fixing a mechanical machine or part. Most likely vehicles.
I was mechanicing on my god dam truck until 3 am.
by Mr_Shlaapu April 1, 2016
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