diddly squat ain’t but nuthinat all
I had DIDDLY SQUAT to do with selling all that gay pornography to those terrorists!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover August 19, 2019
A style of dancing which which includes a short crouch while the musician is playing the fiddle.
I never did see so many of them all doing diddly squat at once.
by AyStyle April 12, 2015
Those shiny cars won't mean diddly squat when you die.
by The JDawg May 14, 2007
it means 'Nothing' as a definition, but
it is THE emo-est word EVER.
(when used with the right context)
As I slit my wrists, I cannot imagine the diddly squat that lay at the end of the dark tunnel that is my life.
by smexy November 23, 2005
a cuter way of saying f* sweet all nothing
when you father was an engineering student, and you are in a private high school and playing guitar in the music band, if you are not a talented a carrot in god's potato field, you have done diddly-squat with your private education.
by Sexydimma December 11, 2014