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A sexual position that should be performed at an early or late time in sexually relations. It is where the male takes his limp, tiny, non-erect penis, turns it upside-down, and attempts to fuck the female as if she was a dog. It is called "The Mechanic" because the penis, facing upwards, resembles a mechanic going under a car.
Guy #1 "Yo man, is that your new bitch?"

Guy # 2 "Yeah no doubt, she's the best. Last week we were hittin skins and she let me do the cleveland steamer, dirty sanchez, hot carl, rusty trombone, donkey punch, blumpkin, angry dragon, angry pirate, tony danza, hot lunch, strawberry shortcake, houdini, boston pancake, cincinatti bowtie, alligator fuckhouse, and the birmingham booty call. All that shit is okay, but after all that she even let me do the mechanic."

Guy #1 "That's fucking impossible. There's no way you did the mechanic."

Guy #2 "Pay up pussy"
by TrevmoTehGreat June 23, 2009
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