The Map is a secret map hidden in the Krubera Caves. It is said that The Map leads to an abandoned shack deep in the forest. In the shack is a secret government facility in the basement, which contains many nuclear experiments and such. Only one person has ever found the shack but they didn't live to tell the tale.
"Oh, oh my god! It's The Map! This is amazing!"
by Thats_kinda_hot April 30, 2017
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Minor Attracted Person; an umbrella term for people suffering of pedophilia, hebephilia and hephebophilia.
"Do you like teens?"
"Yes, I'm a no-contact MAP"
by DT11 February 5, 2018
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Minor Attracted Person(s), or more commonly known as Pedophile(s). They are people attracted to people under the age of 18. There is also nomaps, who are attracted to minors but do not act on it.
Oh, he likes a 11 year old? He’s probably a MAP.
by anonynomo July 12, 2020
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An acronym that stands for Minor Attracted Person. MAP is a blanket term used to describe all minor attractions.

There are different words for different age based attractions, called chronophilias. there are 4 chronophilias under the MAP umbrella. nepiophilia, pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia.

The term was created in 2007 by professionals in the organization B4U-ACT. It was created as a more accurate term for minor attracted people, since a pedophile is a person attracted to specifically prepubescent children, and not all minors are prepubescent.
Have you seen the MAP community on Twitter?
by Lucifer_knows_best July 23, 2020
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MAP is an umbrella term used for people with a chronophilia that involves having a sexual/romantic attraction to minors
kip is a MAP, Kip has a sexual attraction to minors 7 and under
by Kearbrat April 12, 2020
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MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person. This is an umbrella term that covers all the minor attractions. This includes Nepiophilia, Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia. People often think MAP is a name to "sugar-coat" pedophiles, but that's not the case.
Him: "I'm attracted to kids, ages 6-16."
Her: "So you're a pedophile, hebephile, AND a ephebophile?"
Him: "Technically, yes. But I just go by MAP!"
by armyofdefinitions December 4, 2019
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