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The Lombardi is a complex, multi-step sexual act:

1) Instruct your woman to cook you a DELICIOUS grilled cheese sammich.

2) Grilled cheese sammich shall be placed on a plate with ketchup to dip in.

3) Woman undresses, quickly so sammich stays warm. ZERO FOREPLAY.

4) Woman now gets on her hands and knees and awaits justice.

5) Balance your epic plate of win on the back of said woman.

6) Dip your sammich into the ketchup, dip your penis into the woman.

7) Enjoy the sammich more than the sex.

8) The Lombardi is not over until the sammich has been consumed.
"I tried to get Katie to let me do The Lombardi last night, but she got really pissed at me!"

"Whoever can pull of the Lombardi is a God!"

"HOLY SHIT!!!! Rombardi totally Lombardied his woman last night... I SAW THE FUCKING CRUMBS!!!! That man is a god! Let's get some schwarma to celebrate."
by Chandler and Matt September 19, 2008
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