a group of people who want to take away your penis
Oh no! The left is going to steal my penis and put it in the post-modern neo-Marxist museum!
by anonym0u$e November 28, 2022
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Opposite of the Radical Right (Radical Right = strongly conservative minority of society which wishes to solve societal problems by using the government to impose religious-based solutions to moral dilemmas.)
If it weren't for the The Leftists in the counrty, the right would have us all branded with scarlet letters.
by Sierra Nolan August 21, 2005
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what to eat when the world goes to hell...(see nuclear winter, bleeding hearts, in-fighting....and also political confusion)
it was cold and food was gone....we had to eat the left, they were such easy targets what with the big signs protesting the 'war of 30 seconds,' as it came to be known, in which one ICBM caused 300 "defensive measure" warheads launch, ergo...mutually assured destruction caused all of us to go underground. We came out 30 years later and all that was left was the left...out on plains...with signs, as if that would change anything now. Thus, we ate them.
by isochronal February 10, 2005
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A: A phrase that one says when they are ridding in a car and tell the person driving to take a LEFT, but they do not pay attention.

B: An annoying, but catchy phrase, in the song “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce. The use of this phrase does create a quandary, however. Does she want me to put my stuff in the box to her “LEFT” or my “LEFT”, which would actually be her "RIGHT"?
Yo homeslice, you need to take the next left G. To the LEFT, to the LEFT!!!

Bf: I don’t want to leave you baby!
Beyonce: To the LEFT, to the LEFT. Everything you own in the box to the LEFT!
by ES-dawg February 27, 2007
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What your dad did when he saw you being birthed.
by Sir Dr. Shitface December 24, 2018
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The ancient art of excreting solid waste and then leaving the toilet unflushed.
Upon discovery by the next user, they note that previous occupant 'left it'
Awwww damn! Who left it? This thing is almost a foot long! Dude! You reek!
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 4, 2005
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