The plural form of quandary.

A state of uncertainty as of what to do.
I've been faced with some rather difficult quandaries. I contemplated selling my children to the local pederast, but instead crossed the Rubicon and bought some Ethiopian children from Sally Struthers to work in the area rock quarry to make the down-payment on my new yacht.
by Cruise Berry November 11, 2007
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Painful Quandary is a emerging death metal band from Panama City, Florida. With all members being around the age of 17, and 18, this band will have time to grow and expand, and are still maturing as musicians. Taking influence from bands such as; Death, Gorefest, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Morbid Saint, Napalm Death, Carcass, Vital Remains, Warbringer, Gutted, and Viral Load, Painful Quandary delivers a lethal dosage of old school style death metal that will draw in new fans of the genre and grab veterans.
Painful Quandary kicks Chuck Norris's red haired ass
by Painful God October 11, 2011
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When a male's urine stream divides into two widely separated streams and no amount of penile manipulation is able to direct both streams into the toilet bowl.The most frequent cause of this phenomenon is the piss slit becoming stuck together in the middle with smeg,chewing gum unejected,congealed jizz.
I stumbled into the bathroom,half asleep,began to urinate and notice both feet were getting wet.I was in the middle of the twin river quandary.
by wolfbait51 April 24, 2011
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That morning-after hesitation when a house guest wonders if they are obligated to wash their own sheets after having sex with a middle-aged bartender in a friend’s guest room.
Kevin stood outside Rob’s bedroom door, holding a bundle of sloppy, soaking sheets, frozen in a soiled laundry quandary.
by aretegroup February 09, 2019
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The sense of uncertainty when one is unsure whether a musical artist is a single person or group, especially when referring to the artist in conversation.
“Is his new record out?”
“His? They’re a band not a guy. Tame impala quandary huh?”
by Thelonious Allah Bowie November 27, 2021
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