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The proof that the musical scene of Liverpool rocks. Led by frontman Lee Mavers, The Las enjoyed some success in the 90s with the hit song "There She Goes". Despite having faded away fast since that, the band became one of England's unsung heroes in music. It's basically the soundtrack to every british teenager with a simple life (except for the mancs, because they are retarded enough to put in a war between Liverpool's music and Manchester's. Both are great, you sick cunts). Besides, Mavers went on to have a normal life after that - there's a great chance you'll meet him buying something for his kids in the nearest store.

Also the regular answer of a liverpudlian when asked if The Beatles and Scouse-House are the only things to ever come out of Liverpool.
If you haven't heard of The Las, google for 'Timeless Melody' or 'There She Goes'.
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN June 24, 2013
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Such a beautiful lovely lady. She tries to be funny but is funny when she wants to be. She has a short fuse but is cute when mad

Everyone loves her and wants to be her friend. She is very caring and awesome
by Nice truths January 27, 2021
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