Manchester is when a friend says somthing they will do and if you quickly say manchester before another word comes out of their mouth then they will have to perform what they had said they were going to do. If they do not do it then they get a slap by the person who called manchester. If some asks "are you going to kill yourself" and the person replies "yes" or "yea" and you call manchester then the person who replied yes must still perform it whether they said it or not.
"Im gonna shit on your chest" MAnchester!!!!. Person must shit on their chest or they get slapped.
by 98taa98 March 9, 2017
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The action of someone telling another person that they'll do something in a situation. However, the other person listening to this promise may respond quickly by saying: "Manchest."

This word itself enforces that person who made the promise to literally complete, what they said they'd do.

If they don't complete their promised task to the word, "manchest," the person who said, manchest, may slap the other person in the chest due to their non compliance of their self made promise.

(Manchest does not apply for things someone might do, which they can say to prevent manchest from happening. For example: I ought to, should maybe, might, etc.).
Johnny: I'm gonna get that girl's snap soon, she has some rockin' tits.


Johnny: Now wait a minute here fucko! I said "soon" that don't apply to my planned action. "Soon" means I'm planning on it, manchest don't count for that dumbass!

Tommy: Oh fine, whatever. . . Hey! What about that girl over there though?

Johnny: My God, I didn't even see her. . . I'm gonna talk to that one for sure then! Wow she's amazing!


Johnny: ALRIGHT FINE, I'ma head over to her right now then, Tom. Getting slapped in the chest by Tommy, or talking to a gorgeous girl? I think I'ma go with the second one. . .

Tommy: You better do it or you finna get slapped in yo ribs! I'ma watch you! Good ol' manchest!
by Sammy Trilla September 13, 2018
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Working in the steelworks in Sheffield back in the 1960's you often heard the term manchestered when something had been hammered and badly damaged.
Look at the state of that machine part - it's been well and truly manchestered.
by TommyRuffe January 16, 2018
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MANCHESTER IS GREAT! even though it is an absolute shed.
NO, we dont all talk like Liam Gallagher, most of us do though.
NO, we arent all chavs. most of us are though.
NO, we dont all possess guns. most of us do though.
NO, we dont all have ASBO's. most of us do though.
and NO we do not say "my kid"

it's "our kid"
you get me?!
bloke from manchester: "y'alright are kid?"
another bloke from manchester: "sound mate, sound."
by mickie and lickie February 4, 2009
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A "Manchester" is the act of calling a friend or acquaintance on a statement they made. When a person states definitively that they will perform an action, anyone within earshot can call "Manchester!"

After the call, the callee must either perform the act or receive a swift punch in the stomach.

Originated at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology on BSB 1 in 2008-2009.
Andy: "I'm going to go do jumping jacks naked on the frozen lake!"

(At this point, Andy either does jumping jacks naked on a frozen lake, or gets punched.)
by Thron January 8, 2010
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When you say you are going to do something and someone Manchesters you, you have to do it or you get kicked in the nuts.
I'm gonna take a shit in your gloves." "Manchester."
by kunz1033 December 16, 2010
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A "Manchester" is used in response to an individual claiming a completely ridiculous course of action. Once Manchestered, said individual must complete his claim within 24 hours, otherwise punishable with a vicious open hand slap or kick to the testicles.
Subject 1: "If that asshole doesn't turn does his music, I'm going to shit on face."

Subject 2: "Manchester..."
by Zimmdog October 7, 2011
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