From a recent interview in "Lucky" magazine:

"I'm totally against it and offended by it," Simpson told Lucky magazine. "I'm going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-synch. It's just not me."

Can we quote you on that, Ashlee?

What's next, an "accidentally leaked" Internet sex tape?
Ashlee (and Jessica) went to the Milli Vanilli School of Music Performance.
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Quoted in Jane Magazine for saying that she is against lip syncing and would NEVER do it herself.
Was the first performer ever in all thirty something years of saturday night live to get caught lip syncing and just walked off the stage like a dumbass, instead of being a professional and starting over.

The first artist to be Boo'ed off of the stage at the end of her performance because everything about her sucks. Her, her music, ESPECIALLY her singing.

Is riding off her sisters fame and talent.

ONLY has a record contract because her sister Jessica Simpson and her father are in the music industry.

UGLY, FUGLY, and needs some SERIOUS surgery to fix that heap she calls a nose growing on her face.
Also, a heavy attitude adjustment.

Tries harder than Avril to be so PUNK!
But she's failing miserably.
Hey Asslee, dying your hair, and wearing dark clothes and shirts that say "Punk" won't make you "punk" no matter how hard you tap your red ruby slippers together.
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To sing without moving your mouth or holding your mic.
"It was acid reflux!"
by SgtSalad November 22, 2004
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An ugly fuck who doesnt know how to sing at all and sounds like a cat getting hit by a tractor. Also is notorious for being a ho and doing the ho-down. Is the most untalented retard in the United States, and got booed by 72,000+ people at the orange bowl half time.
"pretty pink circle's fault?"
by love January 13, 2005
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To lipsync on SNL, proceed to get caught when someone played the wrong track, your band catches on and starts playing that track when you were supposed to be playing another track. aka to suck cock.
wow I suck so much ill just lipsync
by Kevo October 24, 2004
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A worthless poser who can't face the fact that she isn't PUNK. She's a fucking blonde bimbo who thinks she's punk by wearing dark clothing and colouring her hair.
Ashlee: I'm a slut! Yay!
by Kamziee December 22, 2004
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World's most prestigous hoe-down pop-star. Well known for the "oh-shit-they're-playing-the-wrong-song dance." Pop stars are usually notorious for lip-synching, but they don't go on interviews to talk down upon it, and get caught doing it on national TV afterwards.
The younger one is confused about her singing, and the older one is confused about whether chicken of the sea is really chicken or fish.
by 1.8T October 28, 2004
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