The best pizza on the entire planet
A: Wanna listen to the joker joker pizza song and jerk off?
B: of course
by iaski April 14, 2021
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Joker Please, a substitute for the more Inflammatory form used when someone is trying to scam, jive, or blow smoke.
$30 dollars to mount a new tire ?? !! Joker Please !!
by Swisher rolled tight January 13, 2021
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A "Joker-Quinn situation" is a type, or at least style, of a "love situation" where two people fall in love.

The situation involves a crazy or demented person and a normal or regular person who meet and they both fall in love, like Joker and Harley Quinn, when Harley was a psychiatrist before she fell in love with Joker.
Jacob and Elise's relationship story is like a Joker-Quinn situation.
by Angelina Stewart February 21, 2022
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A term used by sport tipping websites where the tipper elects a round of his/her choice to have their total points doubled for that particular round. For example, in a round of AFL there are 9 games. If a player elects a particular round to be used as their joker round and they get 5 games correct, their score will be doubled to 10.
Boxy: I can't believe I am already 5 points off the pace after round 1. I really thought that Essendon would get up over the Suns. Luckily I still have 3 joker rounds to play to stage a comeback.

Crafty: Use them wisely dead shit!
by Cr@fty A March 6, 2016
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A: Did you hear some of Joker's Puns?
B: Yeah bro they're cringe smh.
by pogchampnotcringesmh November 19, 2020
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A combination of walking, skipping, dancing in a clownish insane manner.

Immortalized by the walk of the DC character "the joker"
I made my joker strut down the street, and everyone was like " who let this nut out"
by Theamazinggeek September 27, 2019
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When society turns against you.
A good example for Joker syndrome is Ryan from The Office or Joker from the Joker movie.
by #TeamRyan January 11, 2022
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