Pulling ones ball skin up over the shaft the the penis and letting just the head of the penis hang out like a mother kangaroo carrying her young.
She loves it when i do the joey, it really gets her in the mood for some deep anal.
by Kuma 13 June 07, 2007
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Not to be confused with the texas tuck a Joey is The practice of tucking your erect penis under your waistband while not wearing a shirt leaving the head of your penis exposed like a baby kangaroo in its mother’s pouch.
Zavier popped a Joey while on the beach After he walked past some baddies in order to hide his erection.
by Savagedr.phil May 28, 2020
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a sweet, lovable girl. a good friend to whomever deserves it. can have her moments but is always there in the end. tends to space out and go MIA for a while but will soon be reachable. any person is lucky to have a Joei in their life and should cherish her
Who sent you that?


That's really sweet
by Jeremy Gilbert April 02, 2013
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A love interest/boyfriend that you think is amazing but turns out to be immature af. He's a boy not a man.

Origin - Just Sharon on YT
Person A: He ditched me at homecoming for my best friend!
Person B: He doesn't deserve you, he's such a Joey!
by RandomInternetee November 18, 2019
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