Belle Island in Detroit, MI
A local hang out and driving strip.
"I'm bout to ride the isle and holla at some hoes"
by The Ski Mask July 9, 2006
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An early access, high quality multiplayer dinosaur simulation game available on the gaming platform known as steam. The game is said to be nowhere near completion, however it certainly has the quality of a finished game.

With a large variety of creatures to play as, The Isle is mainly centered around its dinosaurs. However, with more creatures to come, players will have a large variety of gameplay to experience.
"Man, have you played The Isle today? I just saw that they've released some new mechanics!"
by ramen child July 20, 2018
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A term used on Craigslist to denote a posting in a discussion forum that was so vile, so nasty, so rude, so off-topic, or, simply, so freakin' DUMB that it needed to be removed. Such posts are sent to the "Isle of Misfit Threads" in forum 1047.
"Keep posting here, Staff has Isled your posts...soon you'll be missing a handle!"
by flag helper May 27, 2008
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A small town in central Minnesota a really cool place

The opposite of Onamia
Braden: Isle is so much better then Onamia
Tate: True that!
by ISLEBALLER69 March 14, 2016
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The Independent School League, also known as the ISL is a league of 16 relatively small New England Prep schools. The ISL has some of the best schools in the United States, most notably The Groton School, Middlesex School, and Roxbury Latin School, among others. The ISL is also well know for its strong athletics, especially in Football, Hockey, and Basketball.
Just because the ISL schools are smaller, doesn't mean they cant hold their own with the larger schools like Pillips Andover, and Chotae.
by F.I.S.T.14 October 5, 2009
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ISL: An abbreviation to "I Silently Laugh " this is used because 99.99% of the time one will send "LOL" they are not actually, laughing out loud.
*text msg*

Brandon: OMG did you see that video with the dogs leg stuck in the toilet
Jack: ISL YES!!!
by MGnT1999 November 21, 2013
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