By adding the word “the”, intercourse no longer singularly includes penile insertion into the vaginal cavity but expands to entail all sexual relations, whether that be inhalation of the dong, the australian smooches, or even a brush of a titty as you sit down on the couch.
Want to have the big sex?

Nah let’s have the intercourse
by WhyMyPPsmall March 18, 2018
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Stop looking up random sexual phrases and finish your English assignment. The teacher's behind you too.
How do you not know what intercourse means in the first place? Oh yeah.. you probably never experienced it.
by XileLord December 11, 2010
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I got a magnet that says "i love intercourse,PA!" (i really did)
by xtina June 8, 2003
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Used in place of F*ck. Catches people off guard, yet has the exact same meaning. A classy way of offending someone.
Intercourse you! Go Intercourse yourself! unintercourse believable.
by M. Maria Hoover August 10, 2017
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The penetration of the penis into the pelvic cavity, resulting in partners being pelvis to pelvis as in the missionary position with sexual organs being totally obscured by pubic hair.

Repetitions of this procedure are referred to as 'having sex,' 'fucking,' screwing, etc.
Rick had a bad habit of cumming upon entry with one simple penetration, leaving Marsha frustrated and resorting to masturbation for release.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
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