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Marsha is a sweet,kind and shy girl who is not afraid of what others say and being herself!
Marsha stands for Roman goddess, ambitious and reliable.
She's very courageous,and determined.
Marsha is a very pretty girl,and is also a very good finder.She notices all the details and always knows what's in your mind!
She is the best friend you could ever ask for!
She's the best listener and gives supporting and great advices!If you meet a girl named Marsha,never let her go!!
I wanna be like Marsha one day!
Is that Marsha? She's so beautiful!
by Taylor ford May 31, 2018
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Marsha the most amazing,smart, kind,and generous person in the world. If you ever meet a person like that just stick with it she'll be the most amazing girlfriend. She is very sexy and attractive person. She is very loving and sweet! We love you Marsha!!💙💙
We love you Marsha!💙💙
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by Pizza🍕 ice cream 🍦 April 16, 2017
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The other Marsha Is absolutely amazing! She's caring, and cool.

Marsha stands for motherly, ambitious, respectful and respected, sexy, happy, and especially adorable. She has lots of fun at work, will make you laugh till you cry (she's so funny) and is absolutely brilliant. She literally knows it all! And enjoys taking trips back to the good ole days. She's nostalgic and a romantic.
Marsha is a mindreader. She knows what you're thinking. Be careful. This is her superpower. When the phone rings, she already knows it's you.
by Mildred Sane February 04, 2010
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Caring, compassionate, beautiful, articulate woman who has the ability to gracefully conquer life's obstacles with ease. Blessed. Creative. Virtuous.
blessed, creative, compassionate, beautiful, virtuous

(child to mother)
"When I grow up I want to be Marsha"
by mtkljh February 03, 2010
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Marsha is a girls name. Meaning; roman goddess, or war-like. The male equivalent is Mark. It is a variant of Marcia. On a number scale, Marsha means:

Contributor - Responsible, careful, conventional and reliable.
by Maaarsha April 25, 2008
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The White Bitch, Cocaine, Coke, Blow

Marsha is telephone slang for Cocaine. It is a reference to Marsha, the white bitch on The Brady Bunch.

Originated in Fern Park, Florida
Ray Ray: Hey man, is Marsha chillin over there?
P-Qwon: Yeah, she's over here, what time do you want to pick her up?
by P Qwon October 31, 2007
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