An absolutely colossal tub of Coca Cola or other carbonated soft drink. Also exists the Double Gulp (which is twice the size) and THE BEAST, which is best described as a Party Seven.
"I'll have a 16" pizza with extra pepperoni and a Double Gulp to go."
by KHD August 12, 2003
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It is just like Gluck Gluck. But instead, the female expresses "Gulp Gulp" when she sees the size of the dick.
Jamie expressed, "Gulp Gulp" when she saw the monsterous size of that dick she was about to suck on.
by CreatorofMind October 3, 2019
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A definition of a person horny on another person online
'Seeing Leon make me gulp gulp gulp gulp
by meihoe June 12, 2022
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"These Urban Dictionary guys are bunch of filthy perverts. Gulp is clearly the sound made when swallowing, and can have quite innocent connotations."
by Mr. Brownstone January 27, 2005
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I began gulping when I saw the look on my barbers face that assured me that he might of f***** up my hairline.
by themanwiththedrip February 7, 2019
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(verb) to swallow cum after a blowjob or intercourse.
by Mirage January 1, 2005
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A great method of birth control. 100 percent effective.
It started off with just cruisin', then she said "Gulp. Gulp Gulp"
by dieselboy427 July 3, 2010
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