The god of every universe who is known for destroying planets by only using 1% of his power.
Interviewer: can you give us a example of 1% percent of your power.
Shaggy: remember planet Apollo

Interviewer: No

Shaggy: Exactly
by Sickomode_or_MomBamba January 28, 2019
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The ultimate being, he is the one who has the divine power of god. He can only use 1% of his power because if he uses his full power, the earth will be destroyed by his pure raw power. Even when he only uses 1% of his power he still kills any foolish mortals in his area.
Fred : We can only film with shaggy for 5 seconds at a time, if we try to film more than that. The entire set will be destroyed and every living person will be shredded to pieces.
by Shagboi1 January 29, 2019
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"You just made me,like, use 5% of my power"- Shaggy said as he obliterated the universe
by Yeyaw January 28, 2019
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The strongest being in the omniverse. He came out of the womb in mastered ultra instinct form and even the Grand Priest fears him. His sneeze can erase multiverses. The only fighters capable of going toe to toe with him are Mr Satan, Monaka, Carl Wheezer and the Farmer from the first episode of DBZ.
When Shaggy went Super Saiyan 4 I knew the combined forces of Marvel and DC didn't stand a chance.
by dbspowerscaleisajoke February 18, 2018
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Yo, Shaggy can just use like 1% of his power to defeat Thanos, man
by Yeetus DaMeatus January 28, 2019
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An all powerful multi-universe God who only needs to use 25% of his power to end all life in existence.
by Your Mom's Gay February 2, 2019
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This man is our Golden God, you will worship him. This man can create universes while only using 1% of his power.
Shaggy is the only God
by Hynss February 27, 2019
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