A funky ball of tits from outer space. Found by Bootsy Collins when he was just a simple farmer. It made him crazy and he milked the funk and made a funk shake. He then became the funkiest man alive. After he lost the funk Old Greg found it at the bottom of the ocean.
After he drank the funk he passed out, but when he came to, he was slappin that bass fast and loose like some kind of delirious funky priest.
by funkypriest July 4, 2009
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n. (slang) General term for venereal disease, esp. viral strains which cannot be cured.
I hear he's dating Amy now... I wonder if he knows she's got The Funk.
by Z December 22, 2004
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Different Interpretations depending on the current context.

1. In relation to a genre of music.

( Disco , Jazz , Soul )

2. Regarding material items or lifestyle.

( Money , Hustle , Liveliness , Vigorousness )
1. "Dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin'
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die, oh till you die" - Play That Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry(1976)

2. "I hear a beat I grab the mic, and then I start this workin'
The kids around the way used to think that I was buggin
But they don't understand how I feel about the funk
I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk
I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk
I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk
So now what do they say, when I'm walkin' up the block?
Boom shaka laka there goes the Chief Rocka" - Chief Rocka by Lords of the Underground(1993)
by LinguisticsOfTime October 29, 2019
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When your female friend drops a load on your chest during intercourse usually from the reverse cowgirl position. Also known as a Hot Carl,Hot Karl,Cleveland Steamer,etc.
The woman asks "Do You Like The Funk"....the man answers yes she proceeds.
by Bearboarder June 28, 2006
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Steps to hitting the funk:
1. Isolate the body
2. Swivel your legs
3. Throw her leg
4. Go to town and reep the rewards!!
You're getting no where with a girl. You hit the funk. BOOM! Too Easy.
by B.Row November 23, 2009
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a collective gendre of STD's, and or a person (usually a girl) of a funkful(dirty,inpure,etc) nature.
*most effective said by those of the black ethnicity*
by ashley2sexc June 25, 2005
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A very shy, smart, intelligent and goal-getter boss lady. She is very strong willed and would do anything to achieve her dreams. She is a deep lover who is also afraid to show it. She is one friend you can depend on. She is an introvert but once she feels comfortable with you, trust her to be the silliest, craziest , fun loving girl...she has a very small circle of friends and will do everything to protect her circle. Do not break her trust else you will spend a lifetime to regain her trust. Always the happy-go-lucky girl, but deep down, she’s confused and wish someone would truly understand her unspoken inner fears...A lover of sex but would only have sex with the person she truly loves....She is one who loves to deal with her issues quietly and silently, which is not too good for her.

Get you a girl like Funke, you would be glad to have her in your life.
Boy: I met the perfect girl ever....
Friend: Please tell me she’s a Funke
by Phunke February 1, 2020
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