Is an common United States Army phrase uses to basically say “okay” or “will do
SSG: “We need this done by COB today SGT”

SGT: “Too easy

MAJ: “We need you to work all night”
SGT: “Too easy”
by MelloYello20200101 March 21, 2020
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A common United States Military saying that can used as “okay” or letting you know the task or guidance is accomplishable.
MAJ: “Can you get this task accomplished?”

SSG: “Roger, too easy.”

SGT: “you need to take our the trash now”

PV2: “too easy, SGT!”
by MelloYello20200101 March 21, 2020
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A common phrase in response to anything that needs doing or has been done. Often used even when the task is not "too easy". It becomes contagious.
"How you going on that report Michael?"

"Too easy"..."All over it"

Can be used in conjunction with "All over it" for extra effect or "All over it like a rash" for even more impact
by Bennnno November 4, 2005
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when someone trys hard to make everything look too easy. while completeing a simple action or task, they will act like a sik cunt trying to put on a cool image as if the situation was too easy.
person 1: look at this dude walk through the school tryin to be a sik cunt
sik cunt: (strolls through the school acting tough and puting on a relazed/tough facial expression)
person 2: yeah man thats defiantley too easy for him.

friend 1: dude y the fuck are u tryin to put on a new look like everythings too easy
friend 2: im tryin to impress that girl over there but i cant keep up this hard act much longer
by too easy sik cunt March 8, 2009
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that which should have been done but probably wasn't.
"what made you think that you should cab it from Times Square to the Village in the middle of the day?!!?"
"Yeah, I should have just taken the 7 to the "A" but that would've been too easy."
by Commander Zedd November 12, 2005
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