An acient parasitic race housed on Halo. It consists of three forms, the Infection form, the combat form, and the carrier form. The infenction form latches on to a host, inserts a needle like appendage, forces a match in the hosts DNA, and mutates the host. If the host was in tact at the time of "consumption", it is mutated into a combat form. Superior to its normal counter part, the combat form posseses superior strength and lightning speed. The hosts head is pushed back, allowing sensory organs to form, and the hosts fingers are turned into whips. If the host was to badly damaged, it turns into a combat form. The hosts head swells enourmesly, and fills with fluid and infection forms. When killed or near an opponent, the head explodes, showering the area with flood.
Cortana-Dust and echos, were all thats left....we did what we had to do, a covenant armada...and the flood...gone"
by Mustache Man February 27, 2005
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A forum that is just now starting to fall to the retards of the rest of the internet. (see other definition) Once a safe heaven for the laid back and logical, it is a now a forum dedicated to fighting back the non-existent threat of /b/ and all around dickery. Im hoping for a complete and utter decimation of the forum by /b/. Atleast then we can start to re-build.
Dude, you know that forum on

You mean the flood? Yeah that place is becoming more like /b/ everyday. You know... without the kiddie porn
by Samuelsoon April 8, 2009
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1) In biblical terms, The Flood is essentially an apocalyptic event in which Noah, the only man meant to survive a worldwide deluge, takes 2 of each animal on an ark to avoid the complete and utter distruction of God's creation.

2) The "weapon" in Halo that The Covenant was in desperate search of acquiring in order to wipe out mankind (NOTE the similarity between this and definition 1.) The Flood itself, is actually a humanoid, body-snatching race of fungal origin and consists of 4 subtype species. Can easily be n00bed via shotgun.
"I just learned about The Flood in Sunday School."

"I just n00bed 3 flood with one shotgun blast."
by sux0r October 2, 2003
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The lifeforms in Halo that infect corpses and basically turn them into zombies. Then it turns into Resident Evil in space. The best way to deal with them is with shotguns and energy swords.
"Screw this shit! I'm not paid to star in Resident Evil!"-Master Chief, from the flash, "There's Something About Halo."
by i_anonymous December 7, 2004
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a green creature that is in the halo serious in the first halo they were given nick names like keligion, pimples, and walking zits.
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Term used to describe the phenomenon that when a sports team does extremely bad the fans flood out of the stadium to go home in anger.
Dad: "oh great Florida just got scored on again, common son were going home."

Son: "But dad I don't want to wait in The Flood."
by kronkasaurus rex November 15, 2012
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