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The highest-ranked Brute in Halo 2. A personal bodyguard to the Prophets. He wields a giant warhammer for battle, which will almost surely kill you with one hit. Also the Arbiter's rival.
"Tartarus, the Prophets have betrayed us."- the Arbiter
by i_anonymous December 7, 2004
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The lifeforms in Halo that infect corpses and basically turn them into zombies. Then it turns into Resident Evil in space. The best way to deal with them is with shotguns and energy swords.
"Screw this shit! I'm not paid to star in Resident Evil!"-Master Chief, from the flash, "There's Something About Halo."
by i_anonymous December 7, 2004
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The Elite character you play as in the campaign mode of Halo 2.
"What would you have your Arbiter do?"-the Arbiter
by i_anonymous December 2, 2004
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One of those flying things in Halo that can really get irritating when they form swarms.
Covenant word: Yan'me
by i_anonymous December 7, 2004
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