a green creature that is in the halo serious in the first halo they were given nick names like keligion, pimples, and walking zits.
by Anthony Quintero-Castañeda March 06, 2005
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Term used to describe the phenomenon that when a sports team does extremely bad the fans flood out of the stadium to go home in anger.
Dad: "oh great Florida just got scored on again, common son were going home."

Son: "But dad I don't want to wait in The Flood."
by kronkasaurus rex November 14, 2012
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When a woman holds off on cumming...then all of a sudden the dam breaks and BAM.....The Flood!!
Guy: Yeah i went down on my lady last night...She let the flood go and we had to change the sheets!
by BigBootyMami December 03, 2017
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the flood is a series of creatures sent to scare and eat anything in its presence, and take take over human bodies but not covenant. Very ugly creatures with tentacles for arms and whip you in the face.
Ohhh shit! The zombie things are here. No shithead!!! that is the flood.
by MicPeps June 22, 2004
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