The Fizz is a half hour television program created by DirecTV original programming. The program is the first of it's kind which uses popular video bloggers as hosts and viral video as content. The program’s slogan is “Fast Relief From Ordinary TV”. The program’s unique format accepts submissions of video blog content, amateur animations, and viral videos. The producers of the program can be reached at The Fizz premiered on DirecTV channel 101 on Wednesday November 6th 2006
by uknowmeandyoulikeme December 06, 2006
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What people in the UK call "soda" or "pop"
"Mum, can I have some fizz fizz?"

"Sure, mate, but first you have to finish your shepherd pie!"
by 7-11lol October 01, 2012
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1. to break or destroy something beyond belief
2. to take something un-breakable and defy physics by some how managing to break it
3. being clumsy in a amazing fashion

History: with origins in a group of friends from East Melbourne, Australia from long ago, fizzed has quickly become one of the most used words in the region to describe destruction by any single individual
I can't believe you broke that, bro you just fizzed it.
by the legend of group 1 December 17, 2012
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that one fucking fish who dashes and becomes untargetable for 1 whole year
hey yo Fizz is so broken
~every midlaner ever
by Fishy Fizz April 14, 2017
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The act of simultaneously pooping and ejactulating. Term comes from the combination of the words jizz and feces. This usually happens when something is so exciting and/or arousing that it causes one to not only ejaculate, but also shit oneself. Fizzing can often be accompanied by loud outbursts, moaning, and hurried trips to the bathroom.
Jon: "Wow, did you see Ronaldo's goal last night?"
Bob: "Yeah, it was awesome. I saw it on Sportscenter and started fizzing."
by reddevil2345 June 17, 2009
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1). To trip (to get high) on exstacy
2). To be goofy with friends
3). Something that makes a fizzing sound when wet.
Dude, u gonna fizz tonight?
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
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