When the man pisses in the woman’s vagina and fills it up, he then ejaculates inside allowing his sperm to swim around in his piss, this must be done very fast as the woman could leak
Our fish tank smashed yesterday so we wanted to remember it and the fish with me and my mum doing The Fish Tank
by DaRastaPasta February 18, 2020
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To get jumped by 4 to 5 people when your by yourself. Usually used in jail/prison
Damn, did you hear what happend to Sal? Yeah he got fish tanked in the yard.
by CountRex March 28, 2010
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(verb) the act of removing the lid on the top of someone's top bowl of their toilet and deficating in it. Followed by placing the top bowl lid back on. Fish tanking is used so that someone can scrub their toilet but they won't be able to get rid of the smell because the defication is in the top part of the toilet.
John fishtanked Scott's apartment and Scott could never get rid of the smell, because the terd was in the top part of the toilet.
by Popisdead February 07, 2005
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When two people are making out intensely enough and for such a duration that they make a considerable amount of noise.

This often irritates the unlucky individuals around them, who must either tolerate the noise or awkwardly tell them to "shut the fuck up".
Girl: "Hey, I totally know about how you you two were hooking up in the closet last weekend."

Guy: "How'd you find out?"

Girl: "Because you two were totally fish tanking!"
by MasterFishTanker January 31, 2011
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The female equivalent of a "Sausage Fest." A room, place, or situation, filled with all girls, and little to no guys.
This party is such a fish tank, I wish there were more dudes here.
by JAHSIB February 05, 2012
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Yet another word for a pussy. Derived from the fact that they sometimes smell of a fish tank.
Your mothers fish tank stinks up the whole fucking room.

You stupid fish tank.
by GG January 24, 2004
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A car gets "fish tanked" when some idiot leaves their sunroof open during a terrential downpour. The best form of the "fish tank" is when water flows out your door when you open it.
Wow, it sure was raining out. Chris's car got fish tanked real bad!
by dcastdal October 10, 2013
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