Where homosexual Bostonians go to experience random anal sex. Homosexuals who go there are known as "Fen Men".

The Park is unlit and unpoliced at night, adding to the success of the Fen Men.

Also known as the Back Bay Fens. It is located in Boston, MA.
"I heard Mike went down to the Fens to get raped up the ass."
by Philly McG August 17, 2007
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short for fence. it has been used most recently by cool kids on the east coast and in the midwestern US, but is believed to have originated in the SanFran area
Paul was on the fen as to whether to attend his friend's wedding or a mega-awes concert.
by 3timesalady April 9, 2008
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1. Noun; a low-lying marshland, notably in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire

2. Noun; a place where might be found with one's mother
Simon could not answer the phone as he was on the fen with his mum
by squid_ward July 27, 2018
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The plural of "fan." Another word for "fans," as in people who like something, not cooling devices.
There are many Harry Potter fen in the world.
by notemily September 10, 2003
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A incredibly intelligent and person, whom is capable of doing anything and everything.
I got a 100 on a test
Ur such a fen!
by BrandLuon May 24, 2011
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(running towards someone suddenly stops darts the other way) shouts "fennessed"
by Lacen March 26, 2017
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verb often used by black people. It's a means of denoting a future action by one or more individuals.
We fen to get up out this club soon, da po-lice is comin!
by robbdachi December 20, 2008
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