1. Noun; a low-lying marshland, notably in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire

2. Noun; a place where might be found with one's mother
Simon could not answer the phone as he was on the fen with his mum
by squid_ward July 27, 2018
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A incredibly intelligent and person, whom is capable of doing anything and everything.
I got a 100 on a test
Ur such a fen!
by BrandLuon May 24, 2011
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A person who Acts like a hoe, believes they need to stick out their butt and put their finger on their lips in photos. They also use the terms peng, fit and the letter x constantly. They are a high population of them in Europe.
I have a friend who is a fen, I don’t wanna be like her.
by Ranpü July 09, 2018
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A cerimonial event performed on Friday nights, by mainly females. It involves doing your *F*ace *E*yebrows and *N*ails. Use a face scrub, do your nails and eyebrows all while pigging out on chocolate and watching Mean Girls.
Girl, watch yo weave, i is gon bout to do mah Fen.

No one bother me, im going to celebrate Fen right now.

*Mom* why are you eating enchiladas with a hamburger and chips and a donut
*Me* Fen, duh.

Hey girl, you wanna go to the movies this fine evening
haha no its Fen tonight
by eittod June 04, 2014
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Overly obsessed or in love with someone
Friend:Yo is she still fen over that frat boy
Friend 2:Yeah
by -Swag City November 13, 2019
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short for fence. it has been used most recently by cool kids on the east coast and in the midwestern US, but is believed to have originated in the SanFran area
Paul was on the fen as to whether to attend his friend's wedding or a mega-awes concert.
by 3timesalady April 09, 2008
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Where homosexual Bostonians go to experience random anal sex. Homosexuals who go there are known as "Fen Men".

The Park is unlit and unpoliced at night, adding to the success of the Fen Men.

Also known as the Back Bay Fens. It is located in Boston, MA.
"I heard Mike went down to the Fens to get raped up the ass."
by Philly McG August 16, 2007
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