Originating in Chicago; a slang word that is defined as "a party". Generally a block or house party.
Throw that Fe Fe on the block.

Damn that Fe Fe was hot.

Bring the thotties to the Fe Fe.
by PimpUhDaErf March 25, 2014
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Mexican prison term for a fake pussy. like dildo, except it is a vagina.
Pedro mailed his mother a letter saying he wanted her to have her pussy enmolded and to send the product to him, along with a bottle of lube.
by Casey(Crimsonrain02 on AIM) April 14, 2003
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An person who uses way to much vasoline and porno mags at the same time.
Whack...Whack...Whack... cut that out Fe Fe
by #42 September 20, 2005
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Feing is a German/Bavarian slang word meaning "Figure" "Fig" or "Fig Tree". Most used as the Phrase "Figure it out". Or if you call some one Feing, you are calling them a Figure or Figure head. It was invented through the German word Fein meaning Fine or Delicate. Then the G was added for whatever reason and the meaning was invented. It is meant as a respectful term, not one of hate.
In German "Dieser Mann ist Feing." In English "That man is Feing." Meaning he is their Boss, or Figure Head. It can also be used in this type of sentence "Das ist ein Feing Mann" In English it says "That is a Feing man." Meaning that the man is numbered, or carries rank.
by Xirtamgine August 27, 2018
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"Finalize Early". This term is used on black market sites such as : Silk Road, Black market Reloaded, and Sheep's Marketplace

Finalize Early means that funds in escrow are released prior to receiving the "goods". Most people recommend to never FE unless the vender is established and has good feedback or you have personally done satisfactory business with them before.

When making purchases on black markets, your payment of BTC is kept in a middle-man account "escrow" that holds the funds until you "release" them to the vender. This is standard to do once you receive the "goods". But many venders are requesting "release" up-front. (FE) Where the payment is sent to the vender before you have verified you got the goods.
Feedback: "Fe for reputable vender, will update once received"

Vender: "We require all non EU customers to FE or order will be cancelled"

Internet people: "You are a f**cking idiot if you FE and deserve to get screwed."
by taking4-7 November 27, 2013
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short for 'fair enough'
X: Are we all contributing a fiver?
y: yeah, fe.
by Steezy20 December 20, 2005
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A conjunction word used in Jamaican slang often in the place of "of"
Me say mon, I and I tired fe smoke weed in da bush. Legalize it.
by Jacaranda February 16, 2007
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