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Quite simply the best place to go to find drugs. It's hard to get to, but once you're there, every single drug imaginable is available for you to order. LSD, DMT, shrooms, ketamine, heroine, cocaine, marijuana, all only a couple of clicks away!

The site uses virtual currency called bitcoins, which are as untraceable as money can get.

It's been called the of drugs, but that's an understatement!

Just look up silk road(anonymous marketplace) and prepare to be amazed.
"Dude, I just ordered an 1/8th of shrooms off of Silk Road for 4.5 bitcoins!"

"Sweet, brah! I just got 5 tabs of acid for a little under 10 bitcoins!"

"Most triumphant, my brother."
by iexist8 September 24, 2011
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best free mmorpg ever made, corrupted by turks and gold farm bots that ruin the game economy see bush. created by joymax
Dude WoW nerds dont have shit on silkroad.

turk: SLM!
player: fuck off turk
by Anthr[a]X August 10, 2008
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A 'silk road' refers to a vagina that has been thoroughly aroused and is very moist. Can be the cause of natural secretions, added lubricant, or a mix of the two. Can also refer to an anus/rectum that has been thoroughly lubricated.
Mike said he fingered her for a half hour and even used lube so she would have a nice silk road.
by Doctor AA May 19, 2010
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A continuous, uninterrupted line of cum. Usually made by shooting a huge load in a single squirt.
1. "She made me cum so hard last night, I made a 12 inch Silk Road on her ass."

2. "Wanna see who can make a longer Silk Road?"

"Nah man that's p gay"
by DaddyClinton June 03, 2016
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