To have all the time or want more. To crave for usually a substance like drugs or nicotine from a juul or juno.

A person who can't get enough of something normally a drug or nicotine.
Alex is a fein for his juul
by Qqww December 15, 2017
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Basically the irish version of dude. Used normally in the rural areas throughout Ireland, specifically the south.
Well fein, whats da craic?
by irishandsober September 24, 2006
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The word Fein is a term used mainly in Ireland. Its origins come from The Fenian Brotherhood and the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB). It is mostly used in Ulster (one of the four provinces of Ireland) and Scotland to include supporters of Irish Nationalism. It can be used as a derogatory word by inbred Hun bastards but is usually used between friends and is something all Irish should be proud of.
Yo Fein
What about ye Fein
Did you see that Fein beating that pack of Huns
by Fenian Boy January 17, 2011
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