when you family guyed someone you post a bunch of pictures of family guy pictures
person 1: hey lets go family guyed some furries|
person 2: frick yes i hate furries
person 1: we sure did family guyed those idots
by cunt man 27 April 21, 2020
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Animated sitcom that uses pop culture references in place of jokes
Quoting "Family Guy" is no substitute for developing a sense of humour
by Weldo July 26, 2008
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Very formulaic and repetative mainstream animated comedy. Other than a few jokes that could be cast-offs from the NEWER series of The Simpsons, half the humour starts with words such as "remember the time when..." which lead into some "humorous" random flashback sequence, the other half being visual references to pop culture past and present that you can see coming from a mile off... Loses it's freshness well within the 3 episode mark.

Also manages to spawn annoying catch phrases that trendies and wannabe liberal hipsters like to repeat.

The fans are usually irritating too.
Kid 1: family guy iz so awesum!1
Kid 2: No, go and watch some Blackadder, Red Dwarf, or if you realy need animated comedy, South Park. At least they don't resort to 1937284562 "remember the time when..." jokes
by PsychoFox October 19, 2007
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Verb: To point out the punchline or gag of your own joke so that your audience, which you assume is daft, will understand and laugh.
Person 1: My head is actually extremely hard
Person 1: Hahaha that's sexual!!!
Person 2: Way to Family Guy your own joke, man.
by mattgcn March 8, 2009
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Simple math, really.

The Simpsons minus the genius-ness that the Simpsons series has equals an overrated TV show for people who find irrelevant and random clips humorous (aka Family Guy).

Some people may think that South Park was being "random" with the manatees on the Cartoon Wars episode, but unlike Family Guy, this idea was a great use of metaphor of how it seems as if the writing staff of Family Guy just take random ideas ("idea balls") and put them together to form a "Remember the time when..." joke.

The only way I`ll ever credit Family Guy as "genius" is if the whole reason of creating Family Guy were to make easy money by targeting the not-as-mentally-or-emotionally-intelligent group of America (which appears to be a lot) with cheap jokes.
Family Guy Staff: Let`s take 5 idea balls and write another one of our classic jokes!

(more math)

"Laundry" + "Date" + "Winning" + "Mexico" + "Gary Coleman" = Lois asks Peter to do the laundry, and Peter recalls winning a date in Mexico with Gary Coleman.

"Remember the time when I won a date in Mexico with Gary Coleman?"
by [itsANGiE] December 21, 2008
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A heinously unamusing television show that should have remained cancelled which is often misconstrued as humorous because of its ZOMG "shock value" even though without its "political incorrectness", Barney the Purple Dinosaur would be funnier (actually, it pretty much is already...). To be repetitive, Family Guy is a pitiful imitation of the Simpsons, as I recall using to watch episodes of Family Guy that were a direct copy of Simpsons episodes. Furthermore, Family Guy's jokes are so desperate that they never make sense and therefore equate to basic pop culture name dropping. A show that is so grating on many levels, Family Guy is very revealing of creator Seth McFarlane's personality. Clearly he projects his favorable bias toward bullying on his character, Meg. From about six o'clock in the evening until four o'clock in the morning, always be prepared to change the channel because if Family Guy isn't already on, it'll be on that channel following whatever program you happen to be watching.
After this episode of Seinfeld, brace yourself for three hours of Family Guy, and then even more Family Guy after an hour of TV shows that actually don't make your teeth itch!
by Cadaverine January 11, 2011
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A great cartoon cancelled by FOX. The main character, Peter, was even dumber than dare i say it, HOMER SIMPSON. And their evil baby Stewie was so badass.
I have every episode of family guy on DVD.
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003
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