Usually directed towards a very large or ugly person. Insult used to over exaggerate the size of a person or unattractiveness of someone usually a woman with a large head and bad hair. the mammal wildebeest is a very ugly and large animal.

Also used to describe someone with a large upper body and slender lower body.
"You big-a*s wildebeest "
"No i wouldn't date that big wildebeest "
" She looks like a wildebeest, the way her hair is all over the place"
by KayKron January 21, 2012
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An annoying female person who posts on the official "19 Kids & Counting" Facebook page. Prone to typing in capital letters in order to get her typically nonsensical point across, and ignoring anything even remotely logical.
Wildebeest, Wildebeast, Wildbeast, Wildbeest, Wildboar, Wildeboar, Wildbore, Linda
by Verklempt December 7, 2012
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The sickest animal ever. Retarted though too. Eaten by chrocodiles.
by BOSnd417 March 18, 2010
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An annoying female (older, set in their ways) who typically tries to get their senseless point across, while ignoring anything even remotely logical. A person who only makes sense to their self.
by Anonymous John February 13, 2017
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When a contractor, consultant, or employee implements changes, ignores any consequences, and splits for the next job. This is similar to how a wildebeest will pause to drop her new-born calf on the savana and then keep on running.
Farkel quit last week. He really wildebeested that Obamacare web site he was working on.
by Alazar_Ph January 17, 2014
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an overweight woman, the bigger the better
Did you see the wildebeest Jeremy brought home last night? That bitch was HUGE!
by MrRebuild May 1, 2019
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A situation where your wingman, in the act of intoxication fails to protect you. The next morning you awake to realize that you have engaged in a sexual act with a large, hairy, animal-like creature resembling the famed Wildebeest.
What happened to you? You look like you went Wildebeesting last night!
by Big$lick March 22, 2013
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