The complete and utter state where you have the tendency to accidentaly drop everything you pick up, causing frustration and embarrasment if there are others in the vicinity
Guy with dropsies: *drops priceless porcelain vase* -FUCK!!!!
by b_fhinge July 22, 2006
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When in a state of inebriation, the inability to hold onto anything (including beer, your keys, your girlfriend, etc.) without dropping it.

That's the fourth time you've dropped your keys! You've got the dropsies!
by john suckling October 01, 2006
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usually found in prisoners after long periods of incarceration, the sphincter muscle becomes so enlarged that rather than squeezing one out it simply drops out.
dude, don`t mess around with your new cell mate mungo, or you could get a severe case of dropsie.
by fourayes February 28, 2009
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A person who is prone to dropping, misplacing or breaking objects as they travel through a room.
Mark is a complete dropsy.

Mark really dropsied last night again.

Dropsy drop Mark dropsied.
by AfroFox March 06, 2012
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To bung someone a few quid as in.. drop them some money !
He doesn’t want any money for it so I will just slip him a little dropsie
by Das cockster February 10, 2020
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A very large and grotesque amount of skin that hangs from

the lower stomach from When someone obese loses weight usually through gastric bybass.
Male co-worker- "man check out our boss, she lost a hundred pounds after surgery!"

female co-worker- "yeah but now she's left with that disgusting dropsie hanging over her jeans."

male co-worker- "eww"
by RiverSideBoy February 10, 2010
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