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When you insert a banana in a bitch's ass and she squeezes the banana out while leaving the peel behind.
Mike: Yo Jake, I did the donkey kong with my bitch last night

Jake: dude that's ruthless
Mike: yeah man I got banana all over the bathroom floor

Jake: I might try it tonight with that ignorant slut Jane
by DopeBoss November 21, 2015
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The Donkey Kong is a move that has to be done with preparation. After successfully completing intercourse the alpha male will then proceed to throw a barrel at his partner.

If the partner questions why you have a barrel before you begin reply with "No need to worry" and then refuse to answer any more questions.
I wanted to use The Donkey Kong but she questioned why I had a barrel and I never read urban dictionary so I panicked, threw her inside and then rolled it down a hill...
by Premonitious October 28, 2011
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