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Another move of anal trickery, a man will surprisingly thrust his penis into an unsuspecting parter's butt at the moment of ejaculation. As soon as he completes this act, he aggressively beats his hands on his partner's back like Donkey Kong. Then, he goes and eats a banana.
I got arrested for assault after pulling The Donkey Kong. Worth it.
by Octavia Spencer December 22, 2010
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When you insert a banana in a bitch's ass and she squeezes the banana out while leaving the peel behind.
Mike: Yo Jake, I did the donkey kong with my bitch last night

Jake: dude that's ruthless
Mike: yeah man I got banana all over the bathroom floor

Jake: I might try it tonight with that ignorant slut Jane
by DopeBoss January 28, 2016
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The Donkey Kong is a move that has to be done with preparation. After successfully completing intercourse the alpha male will then proceed to throw a barrel at his partner.

If the partner questions why you have a barrel before you begin reply with "No need to worry" and then refuse to answer any more questions.
I wanted to use The Donkey Kong but she questioned why I had a barrel and I never read urban dictionary so I panicked, threw her inside and then rolled it down a hill...
by Premonitious October 28, 2011
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