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When you have every STD you could think of. This is so bad your penis might fall off. Its the blue waffle of penis
I went to the doctors and he said I'm fucked I have the Dom
by Hahahahahahahqh July 05, 2017
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A carnival attraction frequenting Germany's cities. Food, alcohol and thrill rides abound for a full day of excitement. There is also a 'witches village' for people interested in medieval-themed entertainment and free mead tasting.

Popular destination for: tourists; young people gathering for their first mixed-gender experimental social encounters; and families on family day (Wednesday). Family day features cheaper prices for the little'uns.
Q1:Where can we go to get outrageously kaylied in public without loitering or seeming exceptionally obnoxious, right next to the train station?
Q2:Where can I take the kids to give my partner the impression of wanting to bond, whilst still being able to get shit faced?
A= the Dom.
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
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