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a verb, meaning to be dominated, or to have dominated someone - often used in BDSM context

It can be used to imply physical S&M domination (for example, with a crop cane or flogger) or it can be used to imply a mental domination (for example a dominant issuing verbal orders to a submissive)

derivation is from 'Dom' which is just a shortened version of 'Dominant'

dommed can be used for male or female, giving or receiving.
The countess dommed three men at the fetish club last night
by cave_canem October 26, 2009
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A Verb, meaning to have been dominated (physically/emotionally/mentally) by a sultry pixie haired vixen named none other than Dom herself.
"Damn B, I got seriously Dommed by Dom last night...look at these scratches on my back!!!"
by T88 November 14, 2011
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The shortened phrase for being "dominated" in some aspect of life; used for all types of situations where one person is owned by another person.

Originated from the character of Dom in the popular tv series: Entourage. Dom kept taking over Eric, Drama, and Turtles roles in the Entourage. They all got "dommed".
"Yo, last night I dommed this guy in beer pong."

"Is that your girl over there dancing with that guy? Get dommed!"

by WeezyBomb February 10, 2009
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