Similar in nature to The Shocker, this deviant maneuver is executed by inserting two digits in the dog, and also one digit in the dog. Preferred fingers are up to the person executing the maneuver.
"Give 'im the dogger, man!


by Fred Phelps, MD, PhD, Wizard January 25, 2006
(British) People who like to have sex in public.
Besides having a nudist beach, Studland has in recent years become popular with “doggers”
by rivit August 13, 2007
a person who jogs with their dog
This morning, I almost hit a dogger on my way to work.
by meow woof meow February 22, 2010
voyeurs who watch couples fucking in the woods
by Teabag December 13, 2002
I word used in place of the word poggers because it can be and it’s very swaggers
Bro that so doggers
by Confused._.kitten April 14, 2021
This term defines a person when they have either pushed the limit of booze or drugs to the point of no repair, for the night.


It means when a female has succumb to the disciplines of a male pissed off stella at a party / club / carpark
Hilly - Ey up louie you lookin rough fella..

Louie - Yeah am fuckin doggered from last nite

Nathan - truly doggered

Hilly - Doggin
by widnesthefitness January 3, 2010
A dogger is your bestfriend. In other terms your man homie or player! They Is always savage.
by CherryPopper05 May 3, 2018