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(verb) - the act of having anal sex.

comes from when a girl is accidentally and unsuspectingly anally penetrated, she emits a sound that can be described as a roar.
Things were getting slow in our sex life, so my girlfriend asked me to roar her.
by the roaring bunny February 22, 2011
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Right of Admission Reserved
The management at concerts/clubs/events reserve the right tor refuse admission.
by James Gaffney November 16, 2003
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1. a stuffed lion
2. someone who used to be rather huge but now is tiny
1. "YO! the one next to Quare is roars"
2. "YOU tiny man! imma call you Roars"
by andizzy May 09, 2006
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R.O.A.R. - Right Of Admission Reserved.

Typically seen on clubbing/rave tickets to mean that if you're a drunk/tripping foo, the bouncers will kick your ass out.
"This is an alcohol and drug free event. R.O.A.R."
by Jimi July 18, 2004
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An alternative to the use of the abbreviation LOL or to be used when in a funny situation.
My mum tripped over a banana skin yesterday and I roared so much
by RoaringMyWayThroughLife December 22, 2016
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the act of showing pleasure while doing certain physical activities. could be described as a fetish or just an everyday activity depending on the person.
George said roar!! very loudly.
by mazzazyie December 04, 2010
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