In the theological theory of Pandeism (and occasionally in Deism, rarely in Pantheism) the appellation given to the entity believed to be the Creator of the governing dynamics of our Universe, and the underlying force which sustains our Universe and shares in all of its experience -- a term used to avoid confusion with theistic notions of "God" and all the baggage that term carries.
What's that you say? You're Bible-God is incapable of bringing about our current state of life through evolution by natural selection? And it is only able to experience existence through one man, instead of all men? Then it is doubly inferior to the Deus, which, naturally has such power.
by pandeism January 17, 2011
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1.) Literally, "God".

2.) Main boss(er, sorta) of the amazing RPG Xenogears; a false god.
Thou shall bow to thy deus, Aquasol!

God damn Deus! Bastard healed himself!
by Holy Dragon Sword May 15, 2004
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Origin - Latin

Urban Origin - Originally created by an awesome player of the game Guild Wars. Known for his amaizing ability to do absolutley nothing while his team is getting raped up the butt and also the only guy in the game to kill everyone on his team while keeping himself alive aswell as the other team. What made him really poppular was his awesome ability to use the words, newb, newbcake, and the ever popular phrase,you lack discipline, in a horribly done asian accent. Also known for his other amaizing ability to hate people who play WoW, kill large numbers of newbs ranging from 100 to 1000 in seconds, calling the cops on "deus haters", and ghetto slaping his b****es.

Literal Meaning - God

Part of Speech - Noun

Definition - One who is able to rape, ghetto slap, bitch slap, pwn, and/orown everyone on his/her own team aswell as everyone standing within 50 miles of him/her while being a lazy retard with no skills at any game. Also known as "mother truckin rainman"
Nerd 1 - Dude, this is great were actually beating their asses.

Nerd 2 - Dude look OMG. deus just killed their whole team!

Nerd 1 - This would be good if he didnt just kill us all in the process.

Nerd 1 & 2 - DAM YOU Deus. Go Play in traffic.
by Oculus March 17, 2007
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Defective End User: often used by tech support people who are tired of answering what the problem with a computer is when it's something so simple they think anyone should be able to figure it out.
Customer: "Why won't my computer work? I turn on the power and everything!"
Tech: "Have you plugged the monitor into the computer?"
Customer: "Oh, do you have to plug it in to the computer, too?"
Tech to fellow tech: "Another DEU problem"
by Il dottore May 24, 2011
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"God wills it" in Latin. Used during the crusades.
Templar: DEUS VULT!
Byzantine Knight: ΓΑΜΩΤΟ!
by Dat Cat June 18, 2020
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When you're too drunk to text, but you text anyways!
Andy: "Yesssssssd!!!! Got kicked putt!"
Matt: "You got kicked out of the bar?! Why?!"
Andy: "Deu Kplopp"
by October 23, 2011
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The term originates from theatre, in which an actor is lowered from the upper stage (or more often, rises from the lower stage probably for financial and technical reasons) by a device called 'Deus Ex Machina'. This technique was used to present a character as being 'from the Gods'.

The name of arguably the greatest game ever created. Within the game 'Deus Ex' refers to the AI Helios, who having knowledge of all available information to mankind and control over every single communication on the globe is like a God, and JC Denton ('JC' debated to stand for 'Jesus Christ'), a christ-like figure who, on the box art looks to the sky as light shines down upon him against the darkness of the dystopian city behind, and who eventually manages to change the world's entire social order at the end of the game.
by Atolmazel April 15, 2004
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