A misguided white knight with a need to feel special and have a cause that uses social justice issues as their platform. Often causing more problems than they are helping to solve.
Joe is rushing in to poorly defend the POC when she was doing a fine job of doing it herself. He is such a Templar.
by LadyKnife November 29, 2017
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The highest form of Catholicism, shalt ye be ready to die when come thy day. Dress as a Templar to show your holiness and ignore the sinners and Satanist.
"I am a Knight Templar, ready to die for Deus and destroy thy wicked'
by Yokchranko February 20, 2020
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Typically a term used to express sexual desire. Normaly as term is used they wave fist in an up and down motion. (almost like knocking a door)
Vamos a templar. (Waves fist up and down)

A templar se a dicho!
by Daylene LiNa January 27, 2008
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In the fictional story of the game Assassin's Creed and it's sequels the Templars are a near thousand year old Christian group of knights, politicians, and other high authority figures (as well as civilians) who's goal is for a "better world". Though their means of doing so are questionable, as is their actual "goal" in the first place. The Templars were political juggernauts in much of the 12th century and renaissance.

They are the sworn enemy of the Assassin Order, who, despite their name, are more or less the peace keepers in this ongoing war. The Templars truly long for world domination using ancient artifacts believed (and in the story eventually proven) to hold mystical powers.

The Templars are based on, and infact are the Knights Templar, a Christian band of knights from the 12th century. As well as their rivals the Assassin Order being based on the real life band of assassins known as the Hashashin (Hashashin believed to be the word "assassin" came from). In all reality these 2 groups did have their own bit of history together but, were never arch rivals nor was one or the other the bad guy. The Knights Templar were most likely the more noble of the groups, but that's fairly debatable.
We are Templars! We are strong! We will not be outwitted by a band of hood wearing thieves!
by nickreaper July 24, 2010
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Despite what these guys may think, real Templars had nothing to do with Star Craft. Templar was the title for members of the Knights of the Temple. These warrior elites were similar to the Hospitallers and the Teutonic knights, in that they were extremely skilled knights that fought against the Saracens during the Crusades.
Saladins camel riding Mamelukes didn't stand a chance against Templars.
by History nut November 21, 2003
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the select group of people that has protected the holy grail for many years, after passing the test; bow before god, gods name and blind faith you must fight the great templar and afterwards choose and drink from the grail, but watch out for the nazis.
indie- i choose this one*drink*

templar- you have choosen... wisely

* cool ass last crusade music"
by madjack July 13, 2004
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