When a man ejaculates into a woman's vagina, and returns to eat it 4-8 hours later, depending on the season.
Lance: "We're going out for burgers, wanna go?"
Gary: "No thanks. My old lady let me give her the crockpot this morning."

Lance: "Lucky."
by Mitch Nasty February 3, 2015
When your girlfriend mother drives 10 hrs having to shit, but instead ofew stopping to poo, she let's it brew until she gets to your house then paints your toilet and walls.
Dammit Linda, you did the crockpot again. My toilet looks like an atomic shit bomb went off.
by Spanky J May 2, 2015
The feeling of food churning/ bubbling/ cooking through your digestive system before you make a poop.
Geesh, I'm crockpotting from that Indian buffet; I need to find a toilet right now.
by Joeman575 July 9, 2017
The act of farting in a car while locking the windows so other riders can't roll them down to relieve the stench, sealing in the smell like a crockpot. This is best done while the heat is on to maximize the odor.
Sally and I took a road trip the other day and I crockpotted her.
by NealP October 25, 2007
A "Crockpot" or "Crockpotting" refers to the act of a man cumming in a woman's or man's mouth and restricting her/him, simultaneously, from spitting it out OR swallowing, thus creating the effect of "Crockpotting" the liquid within her mouth cavity.
By placing the hand over the mouth and gripping the neck at the same time, immediately after ejaculation, the semen/sperm is trapped in the mouth for Crockpotting.
by Nasty Old Dude April 14, 2011
A name used to make fun of someone who says something dumb, outrageous, and/or aggravating.
another word for the phrase: crack smoker
Jan: " i have three legs. one is invisible."
Bob: "what a Crockpot."
by cluelesswhenitcomestourban February 17, 2011
When your girl is in the shower, you go in and take a nasty shit, don't flush and walk out. The steam and scent cook itself.
My wife is pissed, I crockpotted her last night.
by JBerg81 April 26, 2019