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The feeling of food churning/ bubbling/ cooking through your digestive system before you make a poop.
Geesh, I'm crockpotting from that Indian buffet; I need to find a toilet right now.
by Joeman575 July 09, 2017
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The act of leaving your dick in a chicks ass after you come to let it just cook inside her.
Damn! That chick let you crock pot her. What a slut.
Girl: Get your dick out of my ass!!
Guy: Hell no bitch! I'm crock potting.
by Big$exy May 27, 2007
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Taking a dump in a crock pot and letting it bake until some unexpecting individual opens it and releases the aroma of baked turd.
Kara and Caleb left me a key to their house while they're on vacation, I'm thinking about crock potting in the kitchen so they have a nice welcome home surprise.
by f5sledneck06 August 31, 2016
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Placing food in a Crock-Pot and subsequently having sex until the food is done, usually for 4 to 6 hours. A post sex feast would ensue, thus providing fuel for more sex.
"What are you doing for spring break?"

"Well my girlfriend and I will be Crock-Potting almost everyday, so that will take up the majority of my time."
by shirtlessphantom March 09, 2012
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When your constipated and you place a heating pad on your stomach to somewhat liquify your terd/terds for easier passing
After eating those cold mozzarella stick I'm sure to be Crockpotting later tonight
by Po-dawg October 28, 2014
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