A showcase extension of hairstyles from the 1800's colonial era. Popularized by British royalty and the founding fathers of America the coloni-tail has heavily evolved from it's white wig Aristocratic origins. Picking up urban appeal on it's way the "tail fashion" the coloni-tail is historic, insighfult, yet ridiculous. The current rise in the coloni-tail has been attributed to Mel Gibson and Heath Ledgers' hair in the 2000 blockbuster movie the Patriot. A stereotypical coloni-tailer is in their mid-20's, delightfully unemployed, and loathes the idea of paying for a haircut.
Silk - "Omgz, r u like, I cannot believe it, u has a coloni-tail. Rick, is that a coloni-tail?"
Rick - For realz Silk, I am like so in love with the Patriot n Heathy Ledges is my favz.

Silk - Real talk
by Beardmanz July 1, 2009
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a major state road/highway that runs straight the the heart of the city of orlando and extends much further past, running east and west to each coast. state road 50. west colonial drive = ghetto, east colonial drive = not as ghetto, some very nice areas. colonial drive = the portion of state road 50 that runs through downtown, or used to refer to any particular portion of state road 50 in orange county, florida.
we headed to roxy to party last night
where's that?
it's on colonial drive and bennett, a little way east of downtown orlando.
by crunk407 March 27, 2008
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Noun; A place where people of a geekier nature can be themselves without the fear of ridicule; an area where cosplay is accepted as being normal and out of costume people are rejected and despised. Normally a comic book store or a gaming shop.
Craig: Um... dude, why are you dressed as Spock?

Geoff: Oh. I'm heading over to the nerdist colony to flash my sonic screwdriver at some orion slave girls. Wanna come?

Craig: ...Sure, why the force not? *grabs Batman costume*
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A place where straight male prisoners who have committed particularly heinous crimes are sent -- typical penile colonies are on distant islands and are primarily inhabited by F47707s who have also committed particularly heinous crimes.

The straight male prisoner of such a colony is subsequently subjected to repeated unwelcome cornholing by the gay inmates.
Hey, didjya hear that Bernie in New Seattle hosed down all of those schoolchildren and got sentenced to life in a penile colony?
by Telephony June 26, 2013
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The designated smoker's areas outside of office buildings or in airports.
I hate walking by the leper colony in the morning...it stinks!
by Zenanarchy June 17, 2018
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Money. Bread is another word for money, and colonial bread is referring to the people on the money.
by baudday April 27, 2009
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Literally, a nudist colony intended only for Jews. Hence Jew-dist Colony.
Did you peek through the fence when you passed by the Judist Colony? Talk about a circumsized sausagefest.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 July 21, 2016
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