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People that observe the Christian religion, but only attend church on Christmas and Easter.
Stan arriving at church late: Great no spaces! Thanks to the fair-weather Christians that only show up on Christmas and Easter.
by baudday January 26, 2010
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Money. Bread is another word for money, and colonial bread is referring to the people on the money.
Young Jeezy: Slices stacked up, I got colonial bread.
by baudday April 27, 2009
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someone that posts their nonsensical ideas on facebook hoping people will think they are an intellectual or "enlightened." These people will usually have a following of friends who will agree with whatever they have to say even if it makes no sense at all.
Tyler: Did you see Jeff's status update about life and why we exist?
Me: Yeah what a dumbass, he's the definition of a facebook prophet.
by baudday April 28, 2010
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