During intercourse, have a friend hide in the closet in a revolutionary war style uniform(including musket), then as you ejaculate on her face have said friend hop out of the closet and butt stroke her in the face.
My friend and I gave her the the colonial last night.
by old colonial July 11, 2008
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A person who chooses the Colonial Faction in popular massively multiplayer game, Foxhole by Clapfoot studios. Usually this person is a cool guy who doesn't like drama and plays foxhole for the fun and not to win wars, unlike the Wardens.
Guy 1: Hey let's go Warden this war!
Guy 2: Hell not im gonna go Colonial and have some fun!
by SubwayKiwi November 13, 2019
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a ghetto school in Orlando, Florida that is full of Puerto Ricans that think they are the shit and are actually a bunch of fuck nuggets
Reinaldo: "Let's go to Colonial!"
Billy: "Nah man that school is full with a bunch of wanna be gangsters that can't hang with any real niggas."
by I have risen AGAIN July 11, 2008
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1.adj. Like a colon.
2.v. Group or society.
1.Wow, this food is really colony.
2.Look, a colony of ants
by Holdino July 1, 2005
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old and cool. like a cool old car or a building or device or even a person. but it can also just mean relatively cool.
bro, when you smoke that juul yous lookin colonial af.
by nick the stick66 August 30, 2018
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